Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A New definition to "Street Wear"

And the winner in the Olympic games is…..
Well, we have no way of knowing only one day after the opening ceremony, which ceremoniously seems each time to try to be bigger, grander(and longer

One thing is for sure. The athletes, most notably those
 (perfectly perfect male) swimmers, have countless strokes ahead of them, towards the gold and into our hearts.  More on them later, promise.

   Meanwhile, lets jump straight to an early and grand winner, Luke Brooks, who won the International Talent Support competition's (ITS) and caught my eye as an Olympic frontrunner. His sport? See for yourself to the right.
 The annual ITS is cosponsored by Vogue and Diesel (whose prize includes 25K Euro as well as a coveted half year internship in its Design department). 

His witty yet rebellious collection steeped in color and whimsy brings fashion to the forefront in a joyous way.

 Brooks interpretation of street wear may not mirror the same old (?) definition revisiting garb adorning Harlem and London alleyways, rather one that is true to the term- and propels us to rebelliously march around in stuff made of the streets themselves. Bring on these thrilling new commpinations of plastic, metlas, textiles and colors, and tease us with delightful stimuli.   Now that’s a revolt worth joining!

                                                                                yours, Noa  

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